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Comprehensive Dental Care in Old Bridge NJ

Unfortunately nature is not as kind to everyone as we would like, and some people are born with extra or congenitally missing teeth. Some people their jaw doesn’t fully develop and the teeth are severely crowded. Some people inherit the gene that allows periodontal disease to develop with resulting tooth loss. Accidental trauma also impact our dental health.

The goal of New Jersey Team Dental is to save and maintain all their patient’s teeth in the best of dental health possible. We have formulated a Team of well-educated, caring, and dedicated professional staff who will serve you, your family, and friends in the best manner possible. All the doctors share the same strong passion for excellence and professionalism.

If you or your family member has the need to replace a missing tooth or to stabilize an ill-fitting denture, all our Associates are extremely skilled in implant dentistry. We provide a full scope of implant dentistry from start to finish. Dr. Whiteman‘s vast knowledge and experience in implant dentistry brings patients to travel from as far away as Hong Kong, China, Toronto, Canada, Texas, and Florida. New Jersey Team Dental offers free dental implant consultations and second opinions to all patients.